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What is the theme?

Themes include the background, clothes for the baby, and accessories from fur, dolls, or small bedspreads  

Or a bed or a chair, and when referring to the two garments, it is not meant that the clothes are (only two garments).

But it is possible to change clothes by changing the wrap for the baby or adding a hat or collar  

The options for newborns are many and it is possible to change

Best age for newborn photography  

From the birth of the newborn to two weeks, where it is easy to control the newborn  

And usually while he's asleep.  

With regard to the age between one and five months, I do not like or photograph this age  

Because the newborn is straying in looks and little movement  

Preferably from the age of six or seven to ten months  

Can you imagine birthdays and the age of one and two years?

No, unfortunately I stopped photographing these ages

Do you imagine a family photo shoot with the husband?

I don't take family photos or men.

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