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My Story

My story with photography began when I became aware of this beautiful world

  With its colors and the creations of the Lord of the Worlds, then I really fell in love with it since God blessed me with my two beautiful daughters, and then I decided to learn photography professionally.  

registered in the first  A course for the basics of photography at the Sheffield Institute in Riyadh in 2008. From here my journey began with my new professional camera  

I tried all fields until I discovered my true passion for photographing newborns in 2014. Before that, I used to photograph the newborns of my friends and relatives out of hobby, nothing more..and then  I founded my little world

  2015 AD in my home and started my journey with this small world Tiny Toes

Wonderful details, and I'm still passionate  By learning everything new in the world of newborn photography, always discovering and researching, loving to develop  My style and the way I always do it.. what a wonderful world.

Asilan's reluctance

حنان الأخت


١-حضور ورشة المصورة العالمية باولا

 newborn retreat ٢-حضور العديد من دورات تصوير المواليد اون لاين

حضور ورشة للمصورة العالمية kelly Brown ٣-اون لاين

٤-تدريب شخصي مع المصوره الاحترافيه  

jillian greenhill

٥-تدريب مع المصوره العالميه 

newbornphotography bu Jada


خبرة في التصوير منذ سنة ٢٠٠٨

خبرة في تصوير المواليد منذ سنة ٢٠١٥


حاصلة على العديد من الجوائز في مسابقات التصوير العامه على المستوى المحلي

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